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Medication To Reduce Creatinine And Urea Levels In Blood

2013-05-17 10:55

Many patients ask our online doctors about their elevated creatinine and urea levels in the blood. The most concerned question is whether high creatinine and high blood urea can be lowered and what are the medications and drugs that can help achieve this goal.

If high creatinine and urea levels are just transient, there is no need to worry about that because they can be caused by improper diets, exercises or creatine supplement. However if the condition exists for long time and it seems to become even worse, proper medications and treatments should be sought as soon as possible. Persistent high levels of creatinine and urea mean that there is some problem with the kidneys because it is the main organ to remove creatinine and urea from the blood and discharge them with urination.

According to the patient’s specific illness and physical conditions, the following drugs and medications will be needed.

Western medications

1. Hypoglycemic drugs. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney damages and high creatinine and high urea, therefore it is very necessary for diabetes to take insulin or some hypoglycemic drugs to bring their blood sugar well under control so as to prevent further deterioration of kidney functions and prevent further increase of creatinine and urea levels in the blood.

2. Blood pressure drugs. Hypertension is another leading cause of kidney problems. Well control of high blood pressure can help slow down illness progression of kidney disease so as to help protect residual kidney functions and control high creatinine and high urea.

3. Ketosteril. Ketosteril is effective at reducing creatinine and urea and it can also help ease the symptoms of high toxin states in the blood.

Chinese medications

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicines. It is an external application of natural herbal medicines. Active ingredients in the medicines can penetrate into the kidney lesions, repair renal damaged tissues, promote the regeneration of new renal functioning tissues so as to help recover renal structure and renal functions. When renal functions are improve, excessive creatinine, urea and other wastes will be naturally removed from the blood and high creatinine and high urea levels can be reduced from the very root.

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