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Is Lemon Good For Patients With High Creatinine Levels

2013-04-11 15:51

lemon high creatinineI just find out that my father has kidney disease and he is diagnosed end stage of renal disease. His creatinine is 750, but he has not begun dialysis yet. Can I give my father lemon juice? Is lemon good for my father’s high creatinine level in his blood?

There has not too much studies of lemon’s effect on lowering high creatinine levels, but it is good for kidney disease patients and it has many other health benefits. We know that creatinine needs to be discharged through the kidneys. When renal functions are impaired, excess creatinine will accumulate in the blood and cause creatinine to increase.

The normal range of serum creatinine is 44-133. When creatinine is higher than 133, it means that kidney functions are impaired and creatinine higher than 451 means that illness condition has progressed into renal failure. Your father’s creatinine is 750, therefore you can see that it is much higher than the normal range. For your father’s current illness conditions, the most effective treatment to lower high creatinine is to improve kidney functions so as to promote renal excretory ability to remove more creatinine from the blood.

Having more fresh vegetables and fruits or drinking the fruit and vegetable juices such as lemon juice can supply the patients with various vitamins and help protect and improve kidney functions.

Lemon is one of the fruits that are of high medical values. It is rich in various vitamins especially vitamin C which can promote the generation of tissues and intercellular substances and maintain their normal physiological functions. Lemon can also help prevent catching cold, strengthen the functions of bone marrow.

Lemon can help prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. For elderly kidney failure patients, cardiovascular complications of kidney failure are more dangerous, therefore early prevention and timely treatment can help reduce mortality and prolong the patient’s life expectancy. It can help lower high blood pressure and prevent myocardial infarction.

Recent studies also find that green lemon contains a component that has similar function as insulin and can help lower high blood sugar level so as to reduce potential renal damages.

Lemon contains rich vitamins and it functions as natural antibiotics. It can help kidney disease patients to fight against renal inflammation and renal infections, enhance immunity and disease-resistance abilities.

However lemons contain high potassium, therefore if your father has high serum potassium, he should not have too much lemon.

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