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What Can I Do To Lower Creatinine Levels

2013-02-20 09:58

nettle leaf Serum creatinine test is done to measure the functions of the kidney and persistently higher than normal creatinine levels means that renal filtration ability has been damaged. Besides effective and systemic treatment and medicines to repair renal damages and restore renal functions, there are several things that patients can do to help greatly lower creatinine levels.

Treating underlying cause of kidney damages such as hypertension or diabetes

Hypertension and diabetes are common and major causes of renal damages, resulting in elevated creatinine level due to building up of creatinine in the blood. Therefore well control and early prevention of high blood pressure and high blood sugar can help slow down illness progression, protect kidney functions and lower high creatinine or at least prevent further increase.

Stopping creatine supplement and avoiding strenuous exercises

If you are taking creatine supplement, it is recommended that you should gradually reduce the dosage of creatine intake until you are taking none. Too much creatine supplement has great impact on increasing creatinine level.

Avoid strenuous activities to reduce muscle degradation and the production of creatinine. But some mild exercises such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong are good choice for strengthening physical fitness and enhancing immunity.

Personalized diets vegetarian diets

Too much meat intake can increase creatinine level, therefore proper adjustment of your daily diets can help lower creatinine level naturally. Proper diets for high creatinine should be low-protein, low-sodium, low-fat, low-potassium, low-phosphorus, high-vitamin and high-fiber. Meat products especially red meat, dairy should be limited. In a word, a vegetarian diets are good for normalizing creatinine in the blood.

Drink more water and avoid coffee, strong tea, cola and other caffeine-containing drinks.


If high creatinine can not be controlled through diets, medicines and exercises or if the creatinine is higher than 10 and creatinine clearance rate has been lower than 10, dialysis will be offered and it usually has quick and obvious effects on lowering high creatinine.

But the disadvantage is that high creatinine will once again bother the patient after a period of time because dialysis is just a passive renal replacement therapy and patients have to have regular dialysis once it is begun.

Herbal medicines

At last, I want to recommend some natural herbal medicines that can help lower creatinine and improve kidney functions. They are nettle leaf (1-2 cups per day), alpha lipoic acid (300mg/d), chitosan (1000-4000mg/d).

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