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What Causes Oliguria in End Stage Kidney Failure

2013-01-05 02:05

Oliguria can be described as decreased urine output and it is a common symptom of end stage kidney failure. Well, why people with end stage kidney failure suffer from this symptom and what does it mean?

Why people with end stage kidney failure suffer from oliguria?

To found out the above question, we need to know kidney function firstly. Kidney is a bean-shaped internal organ. Normally, we have two kidneys and they are located in the two sides of our lower back. In our normal activities, kidneys filter our blood and meanwhile discharge wastes produced by our body, regulate our blood pressure and excrete excessive fluid and electrolyte. Wastes, electrolytes, fluids and another substances get out of our body together as the form of urine. When there is too much fluid, much more urine is formed, whereas, less urine is produced. However, once kidneys are damaged, kidney function decreases and kidneys fail to discharge excessive wastes and fluids, as a result of which, ologuria condition occurs.

What does oliguria mean?

Oliguria is not the typical symptom of end stage kidney failure, but it is very common for kidney failure patients. Kidneys have powerful compensation ability, so no obvious symptoms occur when kidney damages are mild. Generally speaking, abnormal symptoms occur when kidney function has been impaired seriously. Therefore, oliguria indicates kidney has been damaged badly.

As kidneys are responsible for producing urine, we can say as long as there is urine output, there is healthy kidney function. Therefore, in many cases, urine output is regarded as one of the indexes used to reflecting kidney condition. Kidney disease is progressive. End stage kidney failure means kidney function have been impaired seriously and kidneys have been unable to maintain patient's normal life.

In end stage kidney failure, oliguria is just one of the symptoms of it and if we want to remit this symptoms, we need to start from treating kidney failure.

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