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Life Expectancy of Stage 5 Renal Failure without Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

2012-10-16 17:07

life expectancy of stage 5 kidney failure without dialysis or kidney transplantIt is really hard to tell the exact life expectancy of stage 5 renal failure without dialysis or kidney transplant, because it depends on many factors. But we can offer some information about the factors that can make influence on stage 5 renal failure patient's life span.

1.Effective control of kidney failure complications

Kidney is a filter which help us discharge wastes like creatinine and urea nitrogen that produced by our body. Once kidneys are damaged, these wastes build up in the blood, so this is the reason why kidney failure patients always experience high creatinine level and high blood urea nitrogen level. With kidney failure, patients may suffer from many other abnormal condition like high blood pressure and anemia. These medical conditions damage our kidney directly, so if kidney failure patients do not keep them under control, they may lose their life more easily, which means they are very likely to have a shorter life expectancy.

2.Good nursing care

A good nursing care is very important if one with stage 5 renal failure want to have a longer life span. To have a good nursing care, one may need to have healthy living style and scientific diet. A healthy living style refers to a regularly living habits without smoking, drinking and staying up. If one has developed these bad habits, for the sake of their health, he can kick them. Besides, scientific diet helps patients protect their residual kidney function, which can prevent the worsening of kidney function to some extent. In a word, a good nursing care is necessary for one with stage 5 renal failure to have a longer life expectancy.

Life expectancy of stage 5 kidney failure without dialysis and kidney transplant really depends on the individual. However, although we can not give a specific life expectancy, we know how to prolong the life span. Therefore, people with stage 5 kidney failure patients need to be confident, instead of depressed.

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