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How to Survive Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-11-11 09:14

How to Survive Stage 5 Kidney FailureStage 5 kidney failure is a life-threatening condition which mostly deprives one’s life by causing cardiovascular disease like stroke and heart failure. It is a dangerous condition, but if we can manage it well, it is possible for us to live a longer and better life. Well, how to survive stage 5 kidney failure on earth?

Kidney failure is life-threatening because failed kidneys can not help remove toxic substances away from blood any more. These toxic substances build up in blood, which is very dangerous. For one with stage 5 kidney failure, there are the following several ways to sustain his life.


Dialysis is the most commonly used life-sustaining method for stage 5 kidney failure patients. In dialysis, blood is made out of the body and then cleaned by a special machine. As dialysis only purify blood and can not improve kidney function, so regular dialysis is needed, which means it is a life-long method. Besides, dialysis is helpful, but it always cause many terrible side effects like headache, nausea, vomiting, skin itching, fatigue, dizziness and even coma.

Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is another way to survive stage 5 kidney failure, but it is risky due to rejection. Moreover, it is very hard to find a matched kidney in limited time.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

In our hospital, people with stage 5 kidney failure are treated with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is an innovation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In this treatment, several herbs which have been proven to be good for kidney are crushed into powder and then used externally on Shen Shu acupoint.

This herbal treatment is used to help stage 5 kidney failure patients, because it can reduce high creatinine level, increase blood function, promote renal blood circulation, improve renal ischemia and renal anoxia. What is more, it is a harmless treatment.

For stage 5 kidney failure patients who still have good urine output, they can avoid dialysis and kidney transplant with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you are interested in this herbal treatment and want to take it, please leave us message below.

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