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Can Kidney Disease Stage 5 Be Treated by Herbal Treatment

2014-10-15 03:52

Can Kidney Disease Stage 5 Be Treated by Herbal TreatmentWhen kidney disease develops to stage 5, you may have to do dialysis and wait for kidney transplant to prolong life. Can kidney disease stage 5 be treated by herbal treatment? The answer is certain.

Western medicine treatment for kidney patients

Western medicine may be the first choice for kidney patients to control symptoms, and they are really effective. But the disadvantage is that long-term use of western medicine has many side effects. And they can not repair the damaged kidneys. Herbal treatment takes effect slowly, but they can make the whole body balanced and harmonious.

Herbal treatment for kidney patients

In stage 5 kidney disease, there are a lot of toxins in the blood. They may become stasis and block the normal blood flow so that the kidneys are in a state of ischemia and anoxia. Therefore, herbal treatment sets about improving blood circulation. There is a set of treatment, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang, and decoction. The medicines in them are all herbs.

Mai Kang is a kind of Chinese patent medicine, which lowers cholesterol level, prevents the formation of blood clot, strengthens immune system, regulates blood pressure, etc. Decoction is the extraction of the water-soluble substances of medicinal plants by boiling. Common achyranthes herb, humifuse euphorbia herb, discolor cinquefoil herb and so on are the common used herbs. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and medicated foot bath are both external therapies.

The combination of these herbal treatment can expand blood vessels and speed up blood circulation to increase blood flow into the kidneys so as to improve ischemia and anoxia. They can also draw out toxins from the blood to reduce their damage to the kidneys. Moreover, they can eliminate immune complexes from the blood to reduce kidney inflammation and degrade extracellular matrix to stop kidney fibrosis. After a period of treatment, the damaged kidneys can repair themselves to certain extent and regain their ability.

Can kidney disease stage 5 be treated by herbal treatment? Of course, but you should take treatment as early as possible. Only in this way can you get rid of dialysis and live a normal life.

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