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How Should Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease Avoid Dialysis

2014-03-09 16:38

How Should Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease Avoid DialysisIn general, at end stage renal disease(ESRD), kidney function drop so largely that kidney can’t eliminate wastes and toxins at all, leading to too much buildup of wastes. Patients with ESRD are always recommended to do dialysis. However, dialysis has so many side effects, such as low blood pressure, muscle cramps, skin itching, serious fever, etc. Then how to avoid dialysis for patients with ESRD? Here we will discuss it.

In what situation do patients with ESRD need dialysis?

1. Creatinine level overtakes 8.0 mg/dL.

2. Potassium level is higher than 6.5mmoL/L.

3. There is serious disorder of metabolism, for example, very poor appetite, nausea and vomiting.

4. Restless leg syndrome occurs.

5. There is severe swelling in face, legs and ankles.

6. Cardiovascular problems.

7. Heart problems.

How to avoid dialysis at ESRD?

The goal of dialysis is to replace kidney function to filter wastes and fluids in body. So if patients want to avoid dialysis, the most important thing they should do is to recover kidney function. Chinese medicines have very good effects on recovery of kidney disease. Chinese medicines can recover kidney function in three aspects:

1. Improve immunity

Ingredients of Chinese medicines can help prevent inflammation from happening. And blood circulation will be expanded, helping kidney get much blood and oxygen.

2. Repair kidney damage

When Chinese medicines get to kidney inside, elements in Chinese medicines can help repair damaged tissues. Blood vessels are promoted to remove blood stasis, contributing to automatic recovery of kidney cells.

3. Recover kidney function

After the previous steps, nutrients in Chinese medicines supply necessary substance which help kidney restoration. Then ,kidney function can be under recovery gradually.

Besides, Chinese medicines have almost no side effects on patients with ESRD. But it takes a long time that the good effects on kidney function shows up. So if patients with ESRD are not very needed to do dialysis, they can choose Chinese medicines to recover kidney function. Thus, dialysis can be avoided.

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