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Prognosis of End Stage Renal Disease without Dialysis

2014-01-16 14:38

End stage renal disease refers to the last stage of renal disease. At this stage,the kidneys are impaired significantly.Dialysis is the first-line treatment option in the conservative treatment, but it is not a cure.As dialysis is a very excruciating process, some patients may choose not to have it.What is the prognosis of end stage renal disease without dialysis?

The prognosis of end stage renal disease without dialysis varies from individual to individual. Kidney failure can shorten the life span, but some patients can live a long life without a Kidney Transplant and dialysis. What factors can affect the prognosis of end stage renal disease without dialysis?

Co-existing medical conditions

The underlying cause of kidney disease,or the co-existing medical conditions such as Diabetes,congestive heart disease, gastrointestinal bleeding etc can affect the prognosis of end stage renal disease adversely.A majority of people with Kidney Failure may die of the complications before their kidneys fail completely.

Stay positive

You should stay positive and learn to take care of yourself. If you feel sad or blue, you should tell the social worker so you can get treatment.


As the medical technology develops,dialysis has not been the only treatment option for end stage renal disease any longer. If the function of the native kidneys can be improved,the patients will be able to live longer.There is no such a treatment in the conservative treatment.

To attain the above treatment goal,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is recommended to treat end stage renal disease. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an externally applied therapy of Chinese herbal medicines.As no chemical drugs are applied in it,it causes no adverse effects on body.

Chinese medicines can activate the self-repairing of the kidney tissues and cells,thus bringing about renal function improvement. If so, the prognosis of end stage renal disease without dialysis will be improved remarkably.

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