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Diet for a Diabetic with Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis

2014-01-12 17:41

Diabetes is a significant cause of kidney failure.When kidneys are impaired severely, a restricted diet will be required.What is a balanced diet for a diabetic with stage 5 kidney failure on dialysis?

Recommended diet

As some nutrients can become lost during the dialysis process, the diabetic dialysis diet should be filled with nutritious foods. High-quality proteins and proper amount of carbohydrates and fats should be added in the diet.However,high intake of proteins can produce a large amount of waste products. How to manage the protein intake in your diet? You can ask our online expert for a reference.

What can’t you eat?

A restricted diet is required for a diabetic person with stage 5 kidney failure on dialysis. You should limit and even avoid foods loaded in phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. Because of Diabetes, your carbohydrate intake will be tightly restricted to keep blood glucose leve under control.

The diabetic patient with stage 5 kidney failure on dialysis should also pay more attention to the fluid intake. The amount of recommended fluid intake will be suggested based on your health, remaining renal function, level of activity and the type of dialysis you choose.

How to know if your diet works?

If you follow a diabetic dialysis diet with restriction,you will feel much better.Also the lab results will have improvement. Blood glucose level should be monitored closely.Another test called a hemoglobin A1c will be performed.This test can measure the average blood glucose level over three months.

In addition,the patients’ symptoms will also be relieved.Swelling, fatigue, breathing problem will be relieved.

While a balanced diet is very important for a diabetic with stage 5 kidney failure on dialysis, if an aggressive treatment is applied to improve renal function, no dialysis will not be required. To learn more information about the therapy, you can leave a message below.

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