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Severe Pain In Leg In End Stage Renal Disease

2013-12-21 13:53

Kidney disease is divided into five stages, and end stage means patient already has kidney failure. Patient with end stage kidney disease can have many obvious symptoms, and patient may also have severe leg pain.

Why patient with end stage kidney disease have severe leg pain?

In fact, patient in the end stage of kidney disease can have many disorders in his whole body, and leg pain may also be caused by many reasons.

Renal osteopathy: patient in the late stage of renal disease often has severe bone diseases, which can cause patient to have bone pain, osteoporosis,etc. So this may be a cause of leg pain in patient with end stage kidney disease.

While renal osteopathy can be caused by many reasons, like the imbalance of phosphorus, the shortage of vitamin D, hyperfunction of parathyroid gland, etc.

Muscle cramps: muscle cramp is also a common symptom in patient with kidney disease, and for patient who is in the end stage of kidney disease, this problem may be more obvious. In fact, this problem is mainly caused by hypocalcemia.

Nerve problem: as the accumulation of wastes and toxins in patient’s blood, they will be transplanted to our whole body, and they often cause patient with end stage renal disease to have nerve problems. Besides, patient’s legs and arms are more likely to have symptoms, like tingling, muscle cramp.

High uric acid: the damaged kidneys will also fail to remove uric acid in patient’s blood, which may lead to high uric acid. And that may cause patient to have pain in his knees or loins.

These are the major causes of leg pain in patient with end stage kidney disease. Certainly, the treatment of leg pain should be taken according to patient’s condition. And if you are not sure about what is the cause of your leg pain that is caused by kidney disease, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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