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Treatment for Stage 5 CRF with Creatinine 8

2013-12-05 10:53

Chronic renal failure (CRF) can be divided into five stages.In this stage,as kidneys are damaged significantly,creatinine will start to elevate.What is the treatment for stage 5 CRF with creatinine 8?

Stage 5 CRF with creatinine 8

Stage 5 CRF is also called ESRD.It is when the kidneys stop working well enough for you to live without replacement treatments.High levels of waste products in body can result in a host of discomforts and complications like nausea and vomiting, edema,fatigue etc.Additionally,multiple body organs and systems can be involved like lung,blood system, brain, heart and so on.These complications are significant death causes for people with stage 5 CRF and creatinine 8.Without aggressive treatment,death will be the result.

Treatment for stage 5 CRF with creatinine 8

The conservative treatment options for stage 5 CRF with creatinine 8 include Dialysis and kidney transplant.Dialysis can take over a partial renal function to eliminate waste products from body.However,the patients will have to endure many discomforts.Also,the average life span of a person on dialysis is only 4-5 years.

As for Kidney Transplant,it is very difficult to get a matched kidney donor.Many patients may die before a donor becomes available.What’s more, the patients have to take a large dose of anti-rejection medications.It will cause a large number of complications and put heavy financial burden on family.

To help the patients with stage 5 CRF and creatinine 8 avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, the key treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function. If the kidneys can function better, no replacement therapy will be required.

Stem Cell Therapy is the latest treatment to reverse kidney damage.Stem cells can differentiate into new cells to replace the impaired and necrotic renal intrinsic cells.If so,the kidney structure will be restored and renal function will be enhanced remarkably.

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