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Stage 5 Kidney Disease Life Expectancy With or Without Dialysis

2013-06-24 11:06

Stage 5 Kidney Disease Life Expectancy With or Without DialysisNo matter whether people with stage 5 kidney disease have begun dialysis or not, life expectancy is always their big concern. How long can people with stage 5 kidney disease live with or without dialysis?

Stage 5 kidney disease life expectancy and dialysis

Once your condition aggravates to stage 5, your doctor may recommend you to start dialysis as soon as possible. Most information that you read about dialysis may be very upbeat and optimistic. It claims that some people on dialysis can live as long as general population and they can do their work normally, but the reality isn’t as good as this for everyone.

In most cases, the longer people on dialysis, the more complications they have. You must have heard that people with stage 5 kidney disease commonly die of dialysis complications like heart failure rather than kidney failure. According to clinical research, the average life span of people on dialysis is about 5 years. Of course, this value changes from person to person.

Here, some patients may try to refuse or stop their dialysis treatment. Will the condition become better if they get rid of dialysis? The answer must disappoint them, because people with stage 5 kidney disease can only live several weeks or several months if they stop dialysis without other kidney replacement or repair treatment.

What should they do to prolong their life expectancy?

Faced with this dilemma, all patients with stage 5 kidney disease hope to find a good solution. In this condition, an effective treatment, called Immunotherapy, comes into being, in order to extend kidney failure patients’ life span and help them avoid dialysis or further dialysis.

With the help of correct blood purifications and herbal medicines, Immunotherapy focuses on not only cleansing patients’ blood but also regulating their immune system and increasing damaged kidney cells’ curative ability. Therefore, more and more kidney cells can become alive again. With a high level of kidney function, patients’ life expectancy can be prolonged largely without dialysis.

No matter what treatment you want to take, only if your kidney function is improved, you can live a relatively healthy and normal life.

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