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Can Stage 4 Renal Failure be Reversed

2012-11-17 15:42

Stage 4 renal failure greatly affects people’s health. Although the doctors can provide some methods to relieve the symptoms and make you feel better, people are very concerned about the potential of the disease-- can stage 4 Renal Failure be reversed? What about the prognosis, and can you prevent the deterioration of the kidney condition?

Kidneys are vital organs to make people stay healthy. The kidneys are made of millions of functioning renal cells that discharge wastes, return clean blood, maintain balances of electrolytes and produce hormones to maintain normal physiological activities. The kidneys have good compensatory functions, so we can understand the case why people who donate one kidney can still live healthily. However, in stage 4 renal failure the remaining renal function is 15% to 30%. The remaining healthy functioning renal cells could get damaged gradually to the point that people may need dialysis or kidney transplant to survive if stage 4 renal failure is not treated properly.

Stage 4 renal failure usually comes with many accompanying symptoms and complications. Wastes accumulated in bloodstream can make you vomit a lot and poor in appetite. Skin can get itchy and darkened in color. Retained water make people swell up and short of breath. People find themselves getting weaker and weaker, and anemia develops because erythropoietin is not produced properly. Anemia, high blood pressure, swelling and heavy toxins together could increase risks of cardiovascular diseases in the patients.

From this viewpoint, kidney failure is a clinical syndrome that could cause varying types of complications not only to make people suffer a lot but also would threaten people’s life. People with stage 4 renal failure have three types of renal cells, healthy functioning ones, atrophic ones and damaged ones. Stage 4 renal failure can not be reversed because it will be hard to reverse the atrophied cells to healthy ones, however, some treatment could help to improve injured renal cells and protect healthy renal cells. In this way people can prevent the onset of end-stage kidney disease (ESRD). This is what is expected for the treatment goal of stage 4 renal failure.

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