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Treatment for Stage 4 FSGS with Renal Function 18%

2014-02-08 17:08

FSGS is a very difficult condition to manage. As the condition progresses, chronic kidney disease (CKD) will result. This article will introduce the treatment for stage 4 FSGS with renal function 18%?

Stage 4 FSGS with renal function 18%

FSGS is featured with inflammation and scarring of glomeruli in kidneys. Glomeruli are the basic functional units of kidneys and every kidney is composed of hundreds of glomeruli. The glomeruli act as filters and can eliminate waste products and extra fluid from body.

However, in stage 4 FSGS, more than 50% of glomeruli become involved. At this stage, renal function is between 15-29 % of the normal. If the renal function declines to 18%, high levels of waste products will build up in blood with a large number of complications and discomforts. If left untreated, ESRD will come soon. Then Dialysis or kidney transplant will have to be prescribed.

Treatment for stage 4 FSGS with renal function 18%

To treat stage 4 FSGS with renal function 18%, the patients should have a treatment to preserve renal function and restore the impaired kidney structure. However, the conventional treatment only can slow down renal function decline and control the associated complications. To treat stage 4 FSGS with renal function 18% effectively, a treatment should be applied to restore the impaired the impaired kidney structure.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for people with FSGS. This is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines. As no chemical drugs are applied in this therapy, this therapy is free of adverse effects on body. The effective medicines can stimulate the self-rebuilding of kidney tissues and cells, thus reversing kidney damage. When the kidney structure is restored, renal function will be enhanced fundamentally.

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