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Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Atrophic Kidney Be Reversed

2014-01-15 15:09

Atrophic kidney refers to kidneys diminishing in size.It is a common sign of advanced stage kidney disease.Can stage 4 kidney failure with atrophic kidney be reversed?Read on to get the answer.

Stage 4 kidney failure with atrophic kidney

Nephrons are the basic functional units including renal tubule and renal corpuscle.Each kidney is composed of more than one million nephrons.In normal condition,nephrons can filter out waste products from body.Meanwhile,useful substances can not pass through the nephrons so will be preserved in body.

However,a variety of diseases and conditions can affect the nephrons in a negative way.When the nephrons become impaired and scarred,the size of kidneys will decrease. Hence, atrophic kidney will result.

In stage 4 kidney failure, the kidneys are impaired severely. A large number of nephrons are involved and shrink.So atrophic kidney is quite common in stage 4 kidney failure.

Can stage 4 kidney failure with atrophic kidney be reversed?

As a large part of nephrons in stage 4 kidney failure become necrotic, kidney damage generally can not be reversed.However, an effective treatment can help stop the condition progression and improve renal function to some extent.Hence,the patients with stage 4 kidney failure and atrophic kidney can return to normal life as the general population.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is recommended to treat stage 4 Kidney Failure with atrophic kidney.It is a natural externally applied therapy of Chinese herbal medicines.As only plants are prescribed in the therapy,it causes no adverse effects on body.The osmotherapy works in the following way to treat the condition.

Firstly,the effective medicines can degrade the immune complexes and eliminate the inflammatory factors and other harmful substances from body.By improving blood circulation, more blood and nutrients will be provided to kidneys,which can stimulate the self-repairing of impaired nephrons.

Secondly,the osmotherapy can activate the releasing of growing factors. When the impaired kidney tissues can be restored, the number of healthy nephrons will increase.

After the above treatment,the patients with stage 4 kidney failure and atrophic kidney will have renal function improvement. So the patients will be able to return to a high-quality life.

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