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Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-01-06 11:25

Nephrotic syndrome is a nonspecific disorder with a group of symptoms of swelling,hyperlipemia,hypoproteinemia and heavy protein in urine.It is a significant accelerator in worsening renal function.This article will introduce the treatment for stage 4 kidney failure with nephrotic syndrome.

Stage 4 kidney failure with Nephrotic Syndrome

Glomeruli are the basic functional units in kidneys.Every kidney is composed of around one million glomeruli.In right condition, around 90-125ml blood is filtered by glomeruli each minute. However,a variety of diseases and conditions can affect glomeruli adversely.In stage 4 Kidney Failure,less blood is filtered by glomeruli with GFR of 15-29ml/min. Meanwhile, the impaired glomeruli fail to prevent the leakage of protein from urine, thus leading to nephrotic syndrome.

Treatment for stage 4 kidney failure with nephrotic syndrome

A person with stage 4 kidney failure often experience a number of complications and symptoms like nausea and vomiting,swelling, high blood pressure etc.

As for the treatment for stage 4 kidney failure with nephrotic syndrome,one is to control the severe complications and another treatment goal is to reverse kidney damage.

Firstly,the general medications like ACE inhibitors and ARB drugs for high blood pressure,diuretic for swelling etc are used to control the symptoms and complications.You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get more tips to control your complications and symptoms.

To control stage 4 kidney failure with nephrotic syndrome fundamentally and completely,treatments should be applied to restore the impaired glomeruli and reverse kidney damage. However,the conservative treatments can not help the patients attain the above treatment goals.

Stem Cell Therapy is can help restore the impaired glomeruli and reverse kidney damage.Stem cells are a group of immature cells and they can differentiate into new cells to replace the necrotic renal cells. When the impaired kidney structure can be restored, stage 4 kidney failure with nephrotic syndrome will be controlled fundamentally and completely.

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