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How to Improve Low GFR in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-01-05 10:48

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is a very sensitive index in measuring how well your kidneys are functioning.In stage 4 kidney failure,the kidneys are damaged significantly with GFR of 15-29ml/min.The following content will describe how to improve low GFR in stage 4 kidney failure.

Low GFR in stage 4 kidney failure

GFR measures how much blood is filtered by glomeruli each minute.Glomeruli are the basic functional units in kidneys and every kidney is composed of around one million of glomeruli.In right condition, when blood flows through glomeruli,the waste products and extra fluid will be filtered out of body by kidneys. Meanwhile,the useful substances will be retained in body.The normal range of GFR is between 90-125ml/min.

In stage 4 Kidney Failure,a large number of glomeruli become impaired and necrotic.As a result,less blood is filtered by glomeruli,thus resulting in lower GFR.A person with stage 4 kidney failure has GFR ranging from 15-29ml/min.

How to improve low GFR in stag 4 kidney failure?

As mentioned above,low GFR in stage 4 kidney failure occurs when less blood flows through glomeruli or reduced number of healthy glomeruli.

Therefore,to improve low GFR,treatments should be applied to increase blood supply to glomeruli and restore the impaired glomeruli.To attain the treatment goals,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy will be applied in the whole treatment process.

In Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy,Chinese medicines can eliminate the inflammatory factors,blood clots etc and dilate blood vessels.By increasing blood flow through glomeruli, low GFR will be improved to some extent.

As for stem cell therapy,stem cells can differentiate into new cells to replace the impaired renal functional cells. If so, the kidney structure will be restored, thus improving renal function remarkably. Consequently, the low GFR in stage 4 kidney failure will be increased remarkably and fundamentally.

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