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Treatment for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure in Diabetes

2013-12-27 10:03

Chronic kidney failure is a kidney disorder in which kidneys fail progressively.Diabetes is a significant cause of chronic kidney failure.A person with stage 4 chronic kidney failure has severe kidney damage with GFR of 15-29ml/min.What is the treatment for stage 4 chronic kidney failure in diabetes?

Stage 4 chronic kidney failure in Diabetes

The small blood vessels with tinier holes act as filters in kidneys. In right condition,the small molecular waste products can pass through the holes and will eliminated from body in urine.The large molecular useful substances like protein will be retained in blood.

In Diabetes,however,long-term blood glucose can cause extra strain on the blood vessels.Over time,they will become impaired and leaky.As a result,the protein will pass through the holes and end up in urine.Microalbumin is the earlies sign of kidney damage in diabetes.

Treatment for stage 4 chronic kidney failure in diabetes

Stage 4 chronic kidney failure is a very critical period to seek for a treatment.Without aggressive treatment, ESRD will come soon.What is the effective treatment for stage 4 chronic kidney failure in diabetes?

To control the condition fundamentally,treatments should be applied to control diabetes and reverse kidney damage.In the whole treatment process, more than one kind of treatment will be applied.Blood Purification and Stem Cell Therapy are recommended to treat stage 4 chronic kidney failure in diabetes.

Blood purification refers to a group of blood purification methods.Based on the types of waste products and toxins in blood,certain kind of blood purification method will be applied. It can create a favorable environment for restoring the impaired kidney structure and reverse pancreatic function.

Stem cells are a group of immature cells with powerful differentiating capacity.In treating stage 4 chronic kidney failure in diabetes, they can differentiate into new cells to replace the necrotic renal functional cells and islet cells. Hence, the kidney structure will be restored and pancreas islet function will be reversed. If so, no more damage will form to kidneys and ESRD will be prevented fundamentally.

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