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How to Lower Creatinine in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2013-08-30 14:05

Chronic kidney failure is divided into five stages based on the severity of the disease.A person with stage 4 kidney failure has advanced kidney damage with a number of signs like bone disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, fatigue, anemia etc. Creatinine is much higher than normal in this stage. How to lower creatinine in stage 4 kidney failure is a concerned issue for the patients.

High creatinine in stage 4 kidney failure

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine,which is an important part of muscle.It is normally filtered by kidneys and end ups in urine.Generally,the urine creatinine level is very high. However,in stage 4 Kidney Failure,the kidneys are impaired significantly and fail to work properly.High levels of wastes and toxins accumulate in body,thus resulting in high serum creatinine level.

How to lower creatinine in stage 4 Kidney Failure?

To lower creatinine level,one way is to increase the excretion of metabolic product through other channels like skin and intestine. Chinese herbal medicines like rheum officinale can increase the excretion of wastes through bowl movement. Thereby, it can reduce strain on kidneys.

However, some herbal medicines can be harmful to kidneys. You should never use herbs without consulting with a professional. If you are interested in herbs and want to learn more about them, chat with our online doctor now!

Medicated Bath is an external therapy in which a number of Chinese herbals are applied.When the therapy is performed,it can open the sweat pores.Some wastes will be eliminated by sweat pores through sweating.Meanwhile,the effective medicine can infilter into body through sweat pores and can improve blood circulation and provide some tonic substances for the impaired kidney tissues and cells.

Another way to lower creatinine in stage 4 kidney failure is to restore the impaired kidney structure and improve renal function.If the native kidneys can work more efficiently to filter wastes, high creatinine level will certainly be lowered. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment to restore impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.

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