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How to Better Cure Chronic Kidney Disease

2012-12-15 09:53

Many patients concern how long CKD can be cured because in most cases patients will suffer from recurrent symptoms such as edema, proteinuria, fluctuating blood pressure, etc even though they have achieved clinical remission.

First we need to correct a misunderstanding that the disappearing of clinical symptoms does not mean CKD has been cured because renal damages still exist, that is why proteinuria and other symptoms will easily been induced while catching cold, infections or after strenuous activities. It usually takes years to develop chronic kidney disease and of cause we can not expect the disease be cured in short time. Prevention and treatment for CKD should be a systemic process which in some instances even requires life-long monitoring and treatments. The aims of treating CKD should be alleviating symptoms, controlling complications and slowing down its progression into end stage renal disease.

Besides, healthy lifestyle is premise and regular check is key point because in the early stage of CKD, there is still a great chance to reverse renal damages and recover kidney functions. An early detection of CKD is very crucial for better curative effects. Therefore regular urine test and kidney function should be done every one year even when there is no symptom or discomforts at all.

Before, treatments for CKD focus on immunosuppressant like steroid and cytotoxic drugs. There is no wrong with this because many CKD are immune-mediated disorders, however there are still some non-immune factors in CKD, therefore more attention should be paid to preventing and treating these non-immune pathological factors.

High blood pressure



Cardiovascular complications


Renal anemia


Secondary hyperparathyroidism

Another measure for better cure of chronic kidney disease is the combination of Chinese therapy and western therapy, oral intake medicines and external application of Chinese medicines. What is more, an early detection and accurate diagnosis is extremely important. With correct diagnosis, both the patients and doctors can be surer about the treatment plan and patients need to adhere to the systemic and scientific treatments even when clinical symptoms have been relieved.

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