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High Blood Pressure Management Is The First Step In kidney Treatment

2016-12-29 08:33

High Blood Pressure Management Is The First Step In kidney TreatmentHigh blood pressure is closely related to the treatment for kidney problems. If hypertension is not controlled, your kidney disease can not be cured forever.

Epidemiological studies have shown that Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) caused by high blood pressure has been the second leading factor of uremia in developed countries. Recent datas of dialysis in China shows that kidney damage from high blood pressure has been the third cause of dialysis for uremia patients.

Why high blood pressure is so important for kidney disease?

Kidney is an excretory organ and blood flows through the kidney. That is, kidneys are filled with blood vessels. When your blood pressure elevates, these blood vessels will thicken your blood vessel wall while blood vessel lomen will become narrower.

When blood vessels in kidney become thin, toxins can not be removed from your body and kidney will also be shrunk and failed.

Therefore, it is very important for kidney patients to first manage their high blood pressure.

What medicines can lower high blood pressure?

Diuretics: furosemidum, ethacrynic acid, hydrochlorothiazide, chlorthalidone, spironolactone and triamterene.

Blockers: α-blockers including prazosin, doxazosin and terazosin; β-blocker including atenolol, metoprolol, labetalol and bisoprolol.

ACE inhibitor: captopril, enalapril, benazepril, perindopril, fosinopril, benazepril and ididapril.

Angiotensin II receptor antagonist: losartan, valsartan and Irbesartan

Calcium antagonists: nifedipine, diltiazem, nitrendipine, amlidipine, felodipine and nicardipine.

High blood pressure management can slow down the progression of kidney disease and stop further kidney damage. However, it is not enough to treat kidney disease. Apart from medicines for blood pressure, the effective treatment for kidney disease should be a series of Chinese medicine treatment including Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Medicinal Soup and Steaming Therapy, etc. These therapies first cleanse your blood to set up a clean blood environment for recovering your renal function. Our systematic Chinese medicine therapy can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, degrade extracellular matrix, prevent inflammation and coagulation, providing nutrients so as to stimulate the self-healing ability of injured kidney tissues and enhance your renal function. When renal function is improved, high blood pressure and other symptoms such as anemia, swelling and poor appetite can all be managed from the root.

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