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Is There Anything Other Than Medication To Increase Low Albumin

2015-10-21 02:18

Is There Anything Other Than Medication To Increase Low AlbuminAlbumin is a protein found in your blood. There are many reasons your albumin level may be low. One of the most common reasons is kidney disease. When it is low, is there anything other than medication to increase low albumin level?

1. What causes low albumin level in kidney disease?

With some kinds of kidney disease, protein may be lost in the urine, called proteinuria. With peritoneal dialysis, some protein crosses the peritoneal membrane and exists the body in the effluent dialysate. This loss increases in a person with peritonitis, an infection of the peritoneum. What’s more, inadequate nutrition is another cause of low albumin. Lack of appetite, a side effect of medications or feeling depressed can lead to a poor intake of protein-rich foods.

2. What to do for low albumin levels?

Diet and supplements to increase albumin levels

A diet that contains protein rich foods, especially foods that are rich in albumin including egg whites and hemp seeds should be consumed to increase protein levels in the body. In addition to protein, it is important to consume enough carbohydrates and fat so that your body can use the protein you eat for muscle building and healing. Use butter, vegetable oil, sour cream or nuts in scrambled eggs, salads and other foods. Add milk or cream to soups.

Hot Compress Therapy for kidney restoration

This therapy is a herbal-based treatment. Suitable herbs are chosen according to patients’ disease condition. All the herbs come from nature so you do not need to worry about its side effects. The active ingredients can come to kidney lesion directly with the help of osmosis device and penetrant fluid. They have the functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing necessary nutrients. In this way, damaged kidney tissues can be repaired and then it stops protein lost in the urine. This is the radical way for increasing albumin levels. Moreover, this therapy can also improve kidney function. With enhanced kidney function, other symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea and muscle cramp can all be relieved. If you want to learn detailed information about this therapy, you can leave us a message below. We are glad to help you.

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Our Treatment Effect

High creatinine level is dangerous to a kidney patient

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture High creatinine level is dangerous to a kidney patient

If you also want to reduce your high creatinine level, please look at this patient's report. When he was just hospitalized in our hospital on Dec 11, 2018,
His creatinine:1028umol/L,
urea: 39.7mmol/L
UA : 513umol/L
After a period of our treatment,
his creatinine:331umol/L, urea:16.1mmol/L
UA :325umol/L on Jan 5, 2019.

His condition was getting better and better. You can also get better.

For a CKD patient, you can choose Chinese medicine treatments to control your condition. your creatinine level can be reduced radically, symptoms can be alleviated and more importantly, your renal function will be improved. In this way, you can stay away from end stage kidney disease and avoid dialysis.

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