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What Is The Treatment For Kidney Shrinkage Caused By Hypertension

2015-08-20 09:38

What Is The Treatment For Kidney Shrinkage Caused By HypertensionKidney shrinkage is the manifestation of pathological damage in chronic kidney disease (CKD). Generally kidney shrinkage is caused by kidney tissue necrosis. Kidney shrinkage caused by high blood pressure is that long-term of high blood pressure causes kidney tissues necrosis.

Long term of kidney disease results in kidney nephron damage specially glomerular damage, which makes kidney become smaller. Glomeruli and renal tubules are damaged partially or completely, and kidneys will lose their functions. Kidney shrinkage usually occurs in kidney failure and uremia. Therefore, it is important to give treatment for kidney shrinkage caused by hypertension timely.

What is the treatment for kidney shrinkage due to high blood pressure?

First, medications for high blood pressure should be taken like diuretics, ARBs and ACE inhibitors.

Second, since hypertension is one of the lifestyle sickness, treating and eliminating high blood pressure must be changing your diet. Eat fiber, legumes, green leafy vegetables, diuretic foods, fish oil and garlic. Reduce or eliminate salt, sodium, ham, alcohol beverages, peppers and stimulant beverages.

Third, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can make the active ingredients come to kidney lesion directly. This therapy helps repair injured kidney tissues, increase blood flow and protect kidney function so as to delay the progression of kidney disease, decrease the risk of occurrence of complications and slow down the development of kidney shrinkage effectively.

Fourth, medicated bath is another effective remedy for kidney shrinkage. The Chinese medicines are refined into powder and then shattered into the water where patients take a bath for more than 30 minutes. During the process of this treatment, the active ingredients can come out along with large amounts of sweat and urine so as to eliminate all kinds of toxic substances out of blood.

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