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Are There Treatment To Remove Excess Fluid In The Body Other Than Dialysis

2015-07-27 01:45

Are There Treatment To Remove Excess Fluid In The Body Other Than DialysisDialysis removes waste and fluids from your body that your kidneys are not able to remove. However, many patients hate dialysis and look for other remedies. Well then, are there treatment to remove excess fluid in the body other than dialysis?

1. Low salt intake

The first step in eliminating excess body fluid is to reduce your salt intake. Sodium is one of the primary elements responsible for water retention in the body and its reduction will lead to the loss of excess fluids. Thus, add less salt to your dishes and read nutritional labels for the sodium content of packaged foods.

2. Herbs with diuretic property

A diuretic is any substance that accelerates fluid excretion. Natural diuretics include asparagus, celery, watermelon, parsley and hawthorn. Depending on quantity and dosage, some of these diuretics can be potent so consult your doctor or our online doctor before using these plant-based diuretics.

3. Immunotherapy

The most important and effective way to remove excess fluid in the body is to repair injured kidneys and recover kidney’s filtration ability. When kidney function is improved, water and sodium retention can be relieved. Immunotherapy is a treatment option for kidney disease patients besides dialysis and kidney transplant. This therapy is a combination of Chinese medicines and western medicines. And it can not only relieve water retention, proteinuria, high blood pressure and other kidney disease symptoms, but also help repair impaired kidney tissues and improve renal function.

To remove excess fluid in the body, saving your own kidneys is the most important thing. If you want to learn detailed information about Immunotherapy, you can leave a message below or send email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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