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Can CKD Patient Survive Without Dialysis

2015-07-18 03:24

Can CKD Patient Survive Without DialysisDialysis is a kidney replacement where it helps remove wastes and fluid from the body. However, dialysis is not a radical treatment for kidney disease. To make matters worse, the longer you take dialysis, the sicker you will become. Under such a condition, many patients want to know whether they can survive without dialysis.

Can chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients survive without dialysis?

In western medicine field, doctors always tell patients there is nothing that can be done but wait for dialysis. Actually it is not. Western medicine is good at alleviating patients’ symptoms, but it does not know how to improve patients’ own kidney function. Chinese medicines can improve patients’ kidney function, which helps improve patients’ life expectancy.

How does Chinese Medicine improve renal function?

On the basis of Chinese medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture and Medical Soup (simply 4M Treatment ) are created.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external therapy. Two herbal bags are put on the shen shu acupoints and the active ingredients can be infiltrated into the body through skin easily with the help of osmosis device. This therapy has the functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing coagulation and inflammation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing necessary nutrients for damaged kidneys.

Medicated bath is to immerse your feet or whole body into the diluted medical soup. The warm water and herbs can make you sweat and discharge toxins out of the body. Besides, this therapy can also expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, remove blood stasis and increase urine output.

Mai Kang Mixture can lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, regulate blood sugar level and improve blood circulation.

Medical soup is made up of many prescriptions, which should be chosen according to patients’ medical conditions to regulate qi flowing through the channels, remove stasis and discharge waste products.

With 4M Treatment, the damaged kidneys gradually repair themselves and regain their ability. You with kidney disease can still live a high quality life even without dialysis.

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