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What Things Can I Do to Keep My Kidneys from Failing

2015-07-09 08:43

What Things Can I Do to Keep My Kidneys from FailingChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a long-term condition where the kidneys gradually lose their function. What things can I do to keep my kidneys from failing? If you have CKD, the following information may be helpful for you to slow down the progression to kidney failure.

Follow a renal-friendly diet

A renal-friendly diet can provide the damaged kidneys with essential nutrients, while not putting extra stress on your kidneys. Generally speaking, CKD patients should follow a low protein diet, a low salt diet and a high vitamin diet. And you should also adjust the intake of minerals according to your medical conditions.

Do exercise regularly

With CKD, you may have a lot of body malaise, which make you not willing to do exercise. This is wrong. In the daily, you should do some gentle exercise when your disease is under control. Walking, yoga, tai chi, jogging and so on are good choices for you. They can improve blood circulation, strengthen your immunity, lower cholesterol level, improve poor sleeping quality, keep good mood, etc.

Keep a positive attitude

CKD can not be cured, so many patients have depressed, anxious or other negative emotion. Negative emotion can weaken your immune system and expose you to more aliments, which is not good for recovery.

Receive treatment aggressively

When you feel good or symptoms has faded away, do not stop or reduce the use of medications without the instruction of doctor. What you should do is to cooperate with the doctor. Besides, you had better choose some natural treatment for chronic disease to reduce the side effects of western medicine. After years of research and clinical practice, we find that Traditional Chinese Medicine can counteract the side effects of western medicine. In TCM, there are many therapies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture and various medicinal soup. They can set up a good blood environment for kidney self-healing. They can also supplement the essential nutrients for the damaged kidneys to speed up recovery.

What things can I do to keep my kidneys from failing? Besides the above aspects, there are also many other things that can keep your kidneys from failing. If you are interested, please leave a message below or consult online doctor directly.

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