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Will Urine Therapy Help Kidney Disease

2015-06-21 03:55

Will Urine Therapy Help Kidney DiseaseUrine therapy is an ancient method of treatment, which has been continuing from generation to generation. Nowadays urine therapy becomes popular again in the world. It is said that urine therapy is the most effective natural remedy and the safest method of treatment which does not have any side effects. It can prevent, control and cure all kinds of chronic disease. CKD is a kind of chronic disease. Will urine therapy help kidney disease?

Pros of urine therapy

Urine, 95% of which is water, 2.5 % of which is urea, and 2.5% of which is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes, is not a toxic waste product. The small amount of toxins that are found in urine are not abundant enough to be toxic to the body.

-It can boost immune system to help you fight against the diseases, such as infections, colds, etc.

-It can dissolve and remove the toxins accumulated in our body.

-It can rejuvenate our body and increase our body’s self-healing ability.

-It can repair and rebuild all the vital organs.

Space limited, so we do not list all of its health benefits here. However, it has not been proved really effective in treating kidney disease.

Other alternatives for kidney patients

If you want to try some alternatives for kidney disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine is also a good choice for you. In TCM, there is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, various Medicinal Soup, etc. In China, we have widely applied them into kidney disease treatment. They can improve blood environment and provide the essential nutrients for the damaged kidneys to repair themselves. A lot of patients from all over the world has achieved a satisfying therapeutic effect. They regain their kidney function again.

Will urine therapy help kidney disease? It is difficult to say. There is not a treatment plan that is suitable for all patients, because their medical conditions vary from one to one. If you want to try such a therapy, you had better consult an expert who can help you make a wise decision.

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