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What Are Chinese Medicines To Reduce Proteinuria

2015-06-18 02:57

What Are Chinese Medicines To Reduce ProteinuriaWhat are Chinese Medicines to reduce proteinuria? Proteinuria is one sign of kidney disease and it is an important criteria for measuring kidney health. Therefore, when proteinuria occurs, it indicates that kidneys have been damaged. Experts point out that proteinuria requires timely treatment. Well, what are Chinese medicines for proteinuria?

1. Causes of proteinuria

Proteinuria in most cases is related to kidney disease. Normally protein will be reabsorbed. However, if kidneys are injured, kidney fibrosis will occur. Kidney’s reabsorption ability will decrease and some protein will leak into urine, thus causing proteinuria.

Of course, in addition to kidney disease, urinary tract infection can also lead to high protein in urine.

2. Treatment for proteinuria

High protein in urine will be caused by increased glomerular permeability when glomerular filtration membrane. In the past, we only treat proteinuria but do nothing for repairing glomerular filtration membrane. Thus, even if proteinuria and occult blood can be alleviated or disappear, the root cause does not be solved,namely glomerular filtration membrane does not get repaired. Some factors can result in the relapse of proteinuria and occult blood.

Characteristic Chinese Medicine-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, applies Chinese active ingredients to expand blood vessels, improve blood microcirculation, alleviate renal ischemia and anoxia state. When glomeruli’s ischemia and anoxia are alleviated, glomerular basement membrane barrier permeability can return back to normal, protein does not leak into urine again, urine test index returns to normal, and at the same time glomeruli’s hyperplasia, hardening and necrosis are stopped, further kidney damage is prevented, renal fibrosis is blocked. In addition, the active ingredients can supply nutrients for repairing kidney damage such as amino acid, vitamin and trace elements. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy speeds up the recovery of kidney damage.

What are Chinese medicines for reducing proteinuria? The above has given you detailed information. If you have any doubt or question, please leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you in detail.

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