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How to Reduce the Side Effects of Steroids to Kidney Patients

2015-04-12 03:53

How to Reduce the Side Effects of Steroids to Kidney PatientsSteroids remain the first choice of kidney patients. The common used steroids include prednisone, prednisolone. Long-term use of large quantity of steroids easily bring you many side effects and complications. Therefore, when you receive steroid treatment, you should attach importance and do the following works to reduce their side effects so as to achieve the goal of improving recovery rate and reduce the relapse frequency. How to reduce the side effects of steroids for kidney patients?

To prevent intestinal tract infections

Intestinal tract infections is a disease common to see. It is also one of the main trigger of relapse of kidney disease. Therefore, importance should be attached to preventing intestinal tract infections. In the daily, you should take on or put off clothes according to climate changes. Do not go to the public places where flu is prevalent. And keep the air fresh in the room.

To prevent skin infections and oral cavity infections

The use of steroids and immunosuppressants can make your immunity decline, so when there is a cut in skin or oral cavity, it is likely for you to suffer from infections. Therefore, you should take bath frequently to keep skin clean. When you use knife or scissor, take care. And as long as you have dental ulcer, you should use some boric acid to rinse the mouth timely to help recovery.

To prevent excessive fatigue

If your state of illness is stabilized, you can go out to do some exercise, which can help you prevent osteoporosis, hyperthrombosis and some other complications. But do not be excessive fatigue. For kidney patients, they should have enough sleep, not less than 8 hours a way. At noon, taking a nap at less 0.5-1 hour is also good for you. As to the diet, kidney patients should follow a low salt diet, eat moderate protein and take more fresh vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet can help you strengthen your body so as to improve fatigue.

How to reduce the side effects of steroids to kidney patients? If you would like to know more corresponding information, please feel free to contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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