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Can You Stop Kidney Function from Going Down

2015-01-30 09:00

Can You Stop Kidney Function from Going DownCan you stop kidney function from going down? To know the answer helps you protect the remaining kidney function and keep the coming dialysis away.

First, you should find out what decreases your kidney function.

For some patients, their kidney disease is inherited from their family. For some patients, they are born with kidney disease. For some patients, their kidney disease is associated with abnormal immune system. And for some patients, their kidney disease is a complication of other diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. According to the types of kidney disease you have, we should take different treatment plans to control it.

Second, you should lead a healthy life.

Treatment for chronic kidney disease should not only depend on medications, but also a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a renal-friendly diet, a moderate exercise, a positive attitude, good living habit, etc. They can all boost your immune system to fight against kidney disease so as to protect your kidney function. They can also help you reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, improve sleeping quality, etc.

Third, you should find a systemic treatment you have.

No matter what kind of kidney disease you have, it can result in the polluted blood. Because the damaged kidneys can not remove waste products from the blood timely. Those waste products do not only impair kidneys further, but also affect the normal function of other organs. Moreover, they slow down blood circulation so that substances deposit in the blood vessels, leading to stasis, which may cause ischemia and anoxia in kidneys so as to cause further damage. Therefore, we should set about cleansing the blood.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Mai Kang composition and decoction can help you. They can draw out toxins from the blood. They can also dilate capillaries and speed up blood circulation to remove stasis. Moreover, they can reduce the side effects of steroid treatment. And they can also lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, suppress kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis. With this set of treatment, you can stop kidney function from going down. And it is very likely for you to regain some kidney function.

Can you stop kidney function from going down? Yes, you can, but you should find the right treatment for your kidney disease. You can send your medical test report to kidneycares@gmail.com. After analyzing your case, we can help you make a personalized treatment plan.

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