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How Does Chinese Medicine Help Creatinine 10mg/dl And Urine Volume 1700ml/24h

2014-11-07 07:25

How Does Chinese Medicine Help Creatinine 10mg/dl And Urine Volume 1700ml/24hKidneys are important organs which are responsible for discharging wastes and producing urine. However, once they are impaired or damaged, there are many wastes in the body and less urine will be generated. In this condition, many complications will occur. Chinese medicine has a long history in treating kidney disease. How does Chinese medicine help remove wastes and increase urine volume?

One of our patients sent his medical reports to our experts. It showed creatinine 10mg/dl, creatinine clearance 6ml/min, urine protein 2822mg/24h and urine volume 1700ml/24h. On the basis of this medical report, we will tell you how Chinese medicine helps kidney disease.

10mg/dl creatinine level means that there are too many wastes in your bloodstream. In daily metabolism, about 200 different types of toxins are produced. If the kidneys are healthy, those wastes will be removed from the kidney into urine. But when kidneys fail to work properly, wastes will accumulate in the bloodstream, and travel around the whole body along the bloodstream, so other organs such as brain and heart will be injured due to too many wastes.

Creatinine clearance is used to reflect the kidney function. Normally the creatinine clearance is 97-137ml/min, but your creatinine clearance is only 6ml/min. You can imagine how severe your kidneys have been damaged. We can say your kidney function is only about 10%, it is urgent to protect the remaining kidney function.

Urine protein is 2822mg/24h, so much protein leakage means your kidney disease is still in the progressive stage. We should try to protect your 10 percent of kidney function from damaging and then help the injured kidney self-healing.

You still have 1700mg/24h urine volume. It is a good news. And you have a large chance to get a good prognosis.

Dialysis can replace the injured kidneys to discharge the toxins from the bloodstream, but it cannot treat kidneys. If you only rely on dialysis and do not have any other better treatments, your kidneys will continue to get further kidney damage. Kidney function continues to decline and urine volume will reduce.

However, Chinese medicine can repair injured kidney cells and improve renal function as well as provide some nutrients for impaired kidneys. Only in this way can high creatinine level be lowered and urine volume be increased to a certain degree.

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