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Can Cordyceps Lower High Creatinine And Repair Damaged Kidneys

2014-11-03 01:33

Can Cordyceps Lower High Creatinine And Repair Damaged KidneysOne of the patients consulted us that whether cordyceps helps lower high creatinine level and repair the damaged kidneys. Our expert showed the detailed information as below and we hope it is helpful for the patient.

Most people are interested in cordyceps, because they hear of this medicine which can bring back their kidney function. As a matter of fact, it is not true. Cordyceps is just a kind of Chinese medicine and it is a kind of nutrition medicine, which only can give you the nutrition for the kidneys but fails to repair the damaged kidneys.

In addition, as for high creatinine level, it means your kidneys are damaged seriously. Only taking one kind or two kinds of medicines are not useful for the kidney disease. Because the kidney disease is a kind of auto-immune disease, it not only refers to inflammation on the kidneys, but also refers to other human organs.

With high creatinine level, doctors will often offer dialysis for you. Dialysis is very useful for you, because dialysis can help you to discharge the waste products from human body, supply a very good favorable environment for the whole body. Therefore, after the dialysis, you will feel very comfortable. Dialysis is called artificial kidney. However, you should know there are many kinds of kidney functions which cannot be achieved by dialysis. For example, kidneys can secrete EPO to produce red blood cells, but dialysis cannot. As a result, patients with kidney failure will present renal anemia, lack of strength, fatigue. And kidneys can absorb the useful substances from human body. Dialysis cannot achieve this function. So sometimes the patients will have a lack of nutritious substances.

Cordyceps and dialysis can do some help for high creatinine level, but cannot repair damaged kidneys. To repair injured kidneys, you need to try our systematic Chinese medicine treatment, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, and Enema, etc. This systematic therapy focuses on repairing impaired kidneys and improving renal function. When kidney function is enhanced, high creatinine will be lowered naturally and effectively.

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