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Is It Possible To Give Treatment For Shrunken Kidney

2014-10-08 09:39

Is It Possible To Give Treatment For Shrunken KidneyIs it possible to give treatment for shrinkage kidneys? Kidney shrinkage means that kidney size becomes small abnormally and kidney function declines gradually. Many factors can cause kidney shrinkage. Is there any treatment which can cure kidney shrinkage?

To cure kidney shrinkage, healthy lifestyle and medical treatment both contribute to alleviating shrunken kidney. The following will give you further information:

1. Diet modification

Diet plays an important role in the medical treatment, so patients with kidney problem should follow a friendly kidney diet. When kidneys are injured, a low sodium, low but high quality protein intake, fluid restriction, low potassium and phosphorus diet should be followed.

2. Proper exercise

Once people are diagnosed with kidney disease, they do not dare to take any exercise. In fact, it is not correct. Regular and proper exercise is good for overall health conditions. Therefore, patients can choose some proper exercise to improve their ability to fight against various diseases including high blood pressure, which is one common cause of shrunken kidney. Generally gentle exercise is helpful. For example, you can opt for walk, aerobic exercises but avoid strenuous exercise.

3. Herbal foot bath

Every organ has a corresponding acupoint under feet, so doing foot bath is able to stimulate these acupoints and boost patients’ overall health condition. Besides, foot bath can improve blood circulation throughout the body.

4. Herbal medicines

The efficacy of herbal medicines can increase blood flow all over the body as well as kidneys. In addition, the effective herbs also help provide more blood and oxygen for kidney intrinsic cells. This contributes to the recovery of shrunken kidney.

It is possible to give treatment for shrunken kidneys. We list natural remedies for you. If you want to know the further information about natural methods, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor.

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