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Is It True that Herbs Destroy Kidneys

2014-09-26 03:46

Is It True that Herbs Destroy KidneysIs it true that herbs destroy kidneys? Many patients have misunderstanding on herbs, because some people get kidney function impairment after eating herbs. Now let’s learn more about herbs and kidney function.

There are really some herbs that have renal toxicity, which means you should avoid such kind of medicine. Besides, over dosage of herbs may also cause damage to the kidneys. However, it does not mean you should avoid herbs. Under the instruction of doctor, herbs can play their role very well in controlling the medical condition without causing many side effects.

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment is a long process. Though western medicine controls symptoms quickly, it can not repair the damaged kidneys and it can not be used for long-term because of the various side effects. But herbs can make up western medicine’s shortcoming. Our hospital has applied herbs into the treatment of CKD and achieved good curative effects. The following are the seven natural therapies.

-Hot compress therapy is an external therapy. After being micronized, the active ingredients of herbs can be penetrated into the kidneys easily by osmosis devices.

-Herbs can be cooked into medical soup. After being diluted, you can put your feet or whole body into the warm fluid. That is our foot bath or full bath.

-Circle therapy is to draw circles on certain acupoints with herbs.

-Steam therapy is to expose your skin into hot water vapor, and the hot water is cooked with herbs.

-Moxibustion is to burn moxa on the surface of skin.

-Enema therapy is to lead the herbs into colon.

The above therapies can dredge the channels and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis. They can also draw out toxins from blood. All in all, they can set up a good blood environment for kidney self-healing. Besides, the active ingredients of herbs can activate DNA duplication in the cells so as to speed up their recovery. Therefore, systemic treatment with herbs can help the damaged kidneys regain their ability. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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