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Why Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-08-31 07:04

Why Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure Chronic Kidney DiseaseTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has become the most advanced therapy for chronic kidney disease (CKD). Many patients’ kidney function has been recovered under the effect of Chinese medicine osmosis treatment and they can live a normal life and work properly. Why? Or where is the therapeutic effects for kidney disease?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has two major functions: one is to activate blood and remove stasis; the other is to regeneration. It is these two functions of Chinese medicine that repair kidney function.

What is the reason of kidney damage?

Kidney damage mostly is caused by oxidative stress response induced by inflammatory medium and various substances in blood, which will cause injury and damage of all levels of blood vessels. In this condition, blood circulation will become poor so as to make microcirculation system be in a state of ischemia and hypoxia. Also it makes kidney intrinsic cells injured due to ischemia and hypoxia. That is to say, renal ischemia and hypoxia is the beginning of kidney damage.

In addition, the occurrence of nephritis will lead to massive inflammatory medium and then these inflammatory medium release into blood circulation. While these inflammatory medium will damage the kidney intrinsic cells along with inflammatory lesions. This leads to increased activity of platelet, which makes the normal blood viscosity to the direction of blood coagulation. With the increase of blood coagulation factor, blood clot will occur. However, the formation of blood clots will result in the blockage of microcirculation and hypoxia as well as ischemia. The aggravation of renal damage is due to renal ischemia and hypoxia.

How does Chinese Medicine Osmosis therapy alleviate renal ischemia and hypoxia?

Chinese medicine osmosis therapy is an external application in which the active substances can come to the kidney lesions directly so as to have the functions of activating blood and removing stasis as well as restoring damaged kidneys. The active substances have the functions of dilating blood vessels, anti-coagulation and resistance to blood viscosity so as to restore the supply of blood and oxygen. Then the efficacy of Chinese medicine can dredge blood clots in the kidneys, which promotes blood micro-circulation and speed up blood flow. In this way, deposits in kidneys can be discharged.

Meanwhile, Chinese medicine is able to repair damaged kidney intrinsic cells and kidney function as well as rebuild original kidney structure. This is the reason why Chinese medicine can cure kidney disease. Therefore, we hope kidney disease patients have a try of this advanced therapy actively and get rid of kidney disease as soon as possible.

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