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Can Kidneys Repair Themselves After Losing Function

2014-08-14 06:21

Can Kidneys Repair Themselves After Losing FunctionKidney patients have to face the truth that their kidney function declines with time going and at last they may totally lose their kidney function. Can kidneys repair themselves after losing function? In this article, you will have a general knowledge.

As we all know, our body has immense self-healing ability. For example, when there is a small cut in the skin, it gradually heals itself without any treatment. The kidneys are no exception. The basic unit of kidney function is nephron. And kidneys are consisted of millions of nephrons. When your kidney function loses, it indicates that your nephrons are damaged. For chronic kidney disease patients, some nephrons have been dead, some nephrons just injure, and some nephrons are intact. At this time, we can do nothing to the dead ones, but we can repair the injured ones and protect the intact ones to improve kidney function. However, when your kidney function totally lose their function, kidneys lose their self-healing ability. Therefore, we should make use of this self-healing ability as early as possible and set a good environment for kidneys to play a role in self-healing ability to maximum.

When kidney function impairs, waste builds up in the blood. These waste affects the self-healing ability and they also further damage the kidneys. Thereby we should cleanse the waste from the blood first. Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and Enema Therapy can help you draw out toxins from the blood. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps improve blood circulation by removing stasis and dilating blood vessels. It can also eliminate the immune complexes and inflammatory factors from the kidneys to stop kidney fibrosis. Moreover, it can provide essential substances such as vitamins, amino acids and trace elements for kidneys to activate the DNA and speed up their recovery. With systemic treatment, your kidneys gradually repair themselves and kidney function improves.

If you really want to restore your kidney function, you should seek treatment early. For more information, please contact online doctor.

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