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How to Repair Kidney Damages in CKD

2014-08-02 02:12

How to Repair Kidney Damages in CKDSome patients believe damaged kidneys can not be repaired and also they think there is no way to restore kidney function. Actually, this is a totally wrong ideal. Kidney function declines as more and more kidney tissues are injured. So far there is no cure for Chronic Kidney Problem, but there are indeed ways to repair kidney damage and restore kidney function. Well, how to repair kidney damages in CKD on earth?

Definition of kidney damage

Kidney damage means kidney is heart. In CKD stage 1 and CKD stage 2, patients usually experience no symptoms at all, and that is because although kidneys are hurt or damaged, but they can work well to maintain the normal life. Just like our hands, when they are hurt mildly, they can be used as well as before and they can even recover without any medicines. However, if they are hurt severely, we need to take or use some medicines to help them get recovery. Kidneys can work as well as they did before when they are damaged mildly, but when the damages become very serious, kidney function will be affected.

How to repair kidney damages in CKD?

In an affected kidney, there are mainly three types of kidney intrinsic cells: Dead kidney cells, damaged kidney cells and healthy kidney cells. For dead kidney intrinsic cells, they can not be revived at all because so far no medicine or treatment has been proven to be able to bring the dying back to life. But for the damaged kidney intrinsic cells, they can be repaired with some medicines. For damaged kidney cells, they are alive, but can not work properly. Under such a condition, if we increase their self-curative ability by activating them with herbs, it is quite possible for them to work again. Kidney works through a group of kidney intrinsic cells, so when some injured kidney cells are repaired, kidney works better than before.

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