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Can Damaged Kidneys Repair Themselves

2014-07-20 03:45

Can Damaged Kidneys Repair ThemselvesAlmost all kidney patients dream to recover their kidney function and live a normal life. But if you want to improve kidney function, you should know how to repair the damaged kidneys. Can damaged kidneys repair themselves? The answer is certain.

Nature has given us immense healing power. For example, when there is a small cut in our body, it gradually heals itself even without any treatment. The damaged kidneys are no exception. Kidneys are responsible for filter waste from the blood. The damaged kidneys may make waste build up the blood. If your damaged kidneys are often in a blood environment full of inflammatory factors, immune complexes and metabolic waste, how can they repair themselves?

You should cleanse your blood system first.

There are many therapies to help your body discharge toxins. In western, there are many therapies to help you do blood purification, such as immune absorption, plasma exchange, perfusion, blood lipid purification, technology of removing the excess abnormal white blood cells, etc. In China, there are also some therapies to help you, such as Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy and Enema Therapy. According to your medical condition, we will make a treatment plan that is most suitable for you, combining western medicine and Chinese medicine.

Supplementing substance to help kidneys repair themselves.

During the process of blood purification, many useful substance may also be removed from the blood. After an accurate test, we can help you find these lost substance and then supplement them into your body. Besides, some other substances may be used to activate the DNA in the damaged cells to speed up their recovery.

After a period of treatment, the injured part of kidneys can regain their ability. And you will find that there is an obvious improvement in your physical condition, such as your proteinuria disappears, your hands and feet become warm, your sleeping quality and appetite also improve, etc.

Early treatment helps your damaged kidneys repair themselves. It is helpless if your kidneys are dead totally.

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