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How to Improve Kidney Function with CKD

2014-06-20 03:35

How to Improve Kidney Function with CKDWith the progression of CKD, your kidney function will gradually decline and at last you will suffer from kidney failure. How to improve kidney function with CKD? In the following, we will discuss this topic.

Can western medicine improve kidney function with CKD?

Western medicine may be the most common way to help you control the CKD symptoms. For example, ARBs and ACE inhibitors are often used to lower blood pressure, steroids are often used to reduce proteinuria, and diuretics are often used to ease edema. They can relieve your symptoms quickly, but once you reduce their dosage or stop them, these symptoms will make a comeback and even become more severe, so western medicine can not improve kidney function.

Can Chinese medicine improve kidney function with CKD?

Chinese medicine becomes favored by more and more CKD patients, because they seldom cause any side effects. There are oral Chinese medicine and external therapies in Chinese medicine. Relatively speaking, Chinese medicine takes effect slowly, but it can regulate your whole body and help you improve kidney function. The whole treatment process is classified into three processes, namely regulating the qi flowing in the channels, removing blood stasis and cleansing toxins.

There are oral medicine and external therapies such as Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy and Enema Therapy to draw out toxins from the body. When your blood system recovers, your kidneys can get enough nutrient and oxygen. Besides, because the inflammatory factors and immune complexes are removed from blood, your damaged kidneys can gradually repair themselves.

However, if you can combine western medicine with Chinese medicine, the therapeutic effect may be more obvious. For more detailed information about how to improve kidney function with CKD, please contact online doctor. We are glad to exclude the difficulty and anxiety.

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