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Can A Low GFR Be Reversed

2014-06-11 08:14

Can A Low GFR Be ReversedWhen you have kidney disease, your GFR gradually becomes low. Can a low GFR be reversed? If you are interested in this topic, please go on reading.

GFR indicates how well your kidneys function. If you would like to reverse GFR, you should try to improve your kidney function. Then how to improve kidney function?

Can western medicine improve kidney function and reverse GFR?

Western medicine are often prescribed to control your symptoms. For example, ARBs and ACE inhibitors are often used to lower blood pressure, steroids are often used to reduce proteinuria and diuretics are often used to relieve edema and hypertension. However, they can not repair the damaged kidneys, that is to say, they can not reverse GFR. What they can do is just to slow down the progression to kidney failure.

Can Chinese medicine improve kidney function and reverse GFR?

Relatively speaking, Chinese medicine has few side effects. And according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese medicine often treat disease from the root. It can make your whole body harmonious and balanced. In treating kidney disease, the whole treatment process is classified into three aspects, namely regulating the qi flowing in the channels, removing stasis, and cleansing toxins. It can clear away inflammatory factor, immune complexes, and some other waste products and then your kidney inflammation be eliminated and blood system recovers. When there is enough oxygen and nutrient to be transported into the kidneys, they can restore kidney function gradually.

How much possibility can a low GFR be reversed?

Though Chinese medicine can reverse low GFR, it can not make the GFR come back to the normal level unless you are still in the inflammatory stage of kidney disease. When your kidney disease has developed to the stage of kidney function impairment, there is 50% possibility for you to recover. And when you are in the end stage kidney disease, most kidney tissues have died and we can only repair the small portion of injured kidney tissues and protect you from severe complication. For more detailed information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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