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Does Vitamin B6 Help Kidney Function

2014-06-09 03:28

Does Vitamin B6 Help Kidney FunctionVitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin B6 can treat bladder infection and kidney stones. B6 may also help kidney disease patients manage certain symptoms. Well then what symptoms can vitamin B6 help?

1. Fight antibodies

Vitamin B6 is able to help immune system produce disease-fighting antibodies and help form red blood cells.

2. Prevent anemia in kidney disease

Vitamin B6 works together with B12, folic acid and iron to prevent anemia in people with kidney disease. If anemia is alleviated, fatigue and tiredness may also be relieved effectively.

3. Help skin problems

Dry skin is a common symptom in kidney disease. Vitamin B6 helps to keep our skin moisturized and looking healthy. It also has the ability of helping our skin to provide us a line of defense against foreign substances in our environment.

4. Regulate our metabolism

Due to declined kidney function, its function of regulating metabolism may be affected. Thus, people with kidney disease will have metabolism problems such as high potassium and phosphorus level in the blood as well as low calcium level. However, the main role of Vitamin B6 in our bodies has to do with effectively regulating our metabolism. In this case, it can alleviate our imbalanced metabolism.

Although Vitamin B6 is good for kidney function, if you take it incorrectly, it will also cause many side effects and may worsen your medical conditions. The side effects of vitamin B6 include skin problems, abnormally high blood glucose levels, gout and heart problems, nausea, cramps and blurred vision, liver damage or malfunction. You can make changes to the diet including eating more fresh vegetables, nuts and bananas. Also in your diet you should avoid foods with high potassium and phosphorus.

Vitamin B6 can do some help for kidney disease patients, but it is not a radical solution for kidney disease. To solve kidney disease fundamentally, we apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. As long as your kidney function is elevated, the relative symptoms can be relieved naturally.

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