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Where Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy In India

2014-05-22 02:17

How to Stop Protein Leakage in UrineMicro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has brought new hope for kidney disease patients and we have applied this therapy to save many people at home and abroad. Therefore, many foreigner consult us whether they can get this therapy in their own country. Take an Indian for an example, he has interests on Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy and he want to buy this therapy in India. Can he get this?

The answer is no. He cannot get this systematic therapy in India. We have no branches in other countries except Shi Jiazhuang Specialized Kidney Disease Hospital located in China. This is because it is not a single Chinese herbal Medicine therapy but a systematic remedy. Several herbs will be chosen according to patients’ medical condition. Apart from Micro-Chinese Medicine therapy, other supporting treatments like medicated bath, foot bath, Acupuncture, Tai Chi and enema, etc may also be used. This combined therapy can achieve a better therapeutic effects. I believe you have not used these therapies. I can definitely say you have ever not heard of these remedies. Because this only belongs to our hospital, and other hospitals and doctors cannot know these treatments and hear of them. In addition, when we treat your kidney diseases, we also use characteristic Chinese herbs like galium aparine, isaria cicadae miq, and centella and so on. During the treatment, we also apply some western medicines which work as a cooperative and adjuvant therapy like interleukin II, r-interferon and 18 kinds of amino acids. Other hospitals and renal experts have not heard of these medicines.

Also, this therapy must be performed with the help of osmosis device. The Chinese herbs first are micronized and then come to to damaged kidney lesion directly through skin with the aid of osmosis machine. In this way, the damaged kidney cells can absorb necessary nutrients and get more blood and oxygen so as to relieve renal hypoxia and renal ischemia. Furthermore, the active materials can expand blood vessels and promote blood circulation, which helps stop renal fibrosis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy combined with other treatments helps repair injured kidney cells and improve kidney function.

If you want to use this therapy, you have to come to China. You cannot buy this therapy in India and other countries. For further information, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor.

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