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How to Increase eGFR 68

2014-04-26 03:53

How to Increase eGFR 68Recently a husband sought help from our website. He left such a message: my wife eGFR is 68, how to increase this level. Kindly advice, she is 32 years old. Thanks. If you have the same condition, the following information may be helpful.

eGFR 68 indicates that there is slightly damage to kidney and you are in stage 2. With timely treatment, it is possible for your kidney disease to reverse. In this stage, edema, albuminuria and blood urine may appear. You had better have a urine test or blood test to examine the condition of your kidneys. In the daily, you should pay attention to some factors to protect your kidney function.

First, pay attention to your diet.

One of the kidney functions is to filter wastes from the blood. And diet is the main source of wastes. Unhealthy diet can produce a lot of wastes and add the workload on the kidneys. It is easy for the damaged kidneys to impair when they overwork for a long term, while healthy diet can reduce workload and help you protect kidney function. In the early stage, 0.8 g/kg per day protein is OK for your body. And if you have edema, you should limit the intake sodium and fluid.

Second, pay attention to exercise.

Doing exercise regularly is good for your health. It can improve your immune system and help you fight against disease. It can also protect you from cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Third, pay attention to treatment.

Treatment is the key to increase eGFR. But almost all treatment for kidney patients is just to control their symptoms, not the damaged kidneys. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a conservative treatment. It is anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, expanding blood vessels, degrading extracellular matrix and providing essential substances. These functions help repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function.

If you would like to know more detailed information about how to increase eGFR, please contact online doctor.

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