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Is Kidney Transplant The Only Choice For Kidney Disease Patients

2014-04-19 02:39

Is Kidney Transplant The Only Choice For Kidney Disease PatientsWe talked online yesterday that my son’s two kidneys failed and he had done kidney transplant in India. Two years later, the donated kidney also failed and he is now on twice weekly dialysis in Nigeria. We are planning to have another transplant and are looking fro a hospital that can handle it. So how can you help us in this? Is there any chance of any his original kidneys or the donated kidney to revive?

Yes, we are a specialized kidney disease hospital in China. But we are here to help people to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. We do believe that to save patients’ own kidneys is the best way to improve the quality of life.

We are here using systemic Chinese Therapy to help save kidney disease patients’ own kidneys by repair kidney damage and recovering renal function. This therapy has been applied in our hospital for almost 30 years. Our international department, is found in 2010, only in 4 years, we have treated more than 600 foreign patients from 65 countries.

Nowadays, kidney transplant is no longer the only choice for patients. Some kinds of primary diseases of kidney diseases have high relapse rate, like high blood pressure and diabetes. What is his primary disease? (Can you email his primary disease and more detailed information to our mailbox kidneycares@hotmail.com). Do you think another kidney transplant will be the best choice? Can you make sure the new kidney will not fail again? If your son can produce some urine, it is more likely for active ingredients of Chinese medicines to come to damaged kidney lesion to play functions. This is because osmotherapy with Chinese medicines can provide necessary nutrients for damaged kidney, stop renal fibrosis, activate DNA replication and prevent further kidney damage as well as protect remaining kidney function. After this systemic treatments, damaged kidney structure can be repaired and kidney function can be recovered by a large margin.

Hope you could think about what I say. If you still insist on kidney transplant, sorry we could not do help, but we will always keep fingers for him. If you want him to have a try of our new Chinese therapy, please contact us. The earlier your son take treatment, the better his condition is.

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