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What Are Medicines For High Blood Urea Nitrogen

2014-04-17 06:38

What Are Medicines For High Blood Urea NitrogenHigh blood urea nitrogen (BUN) in kidney disease usually indicates kidney damage. Damaged kidneys fail to remove BUN out of the body, causing BUN pile up in the blood. Sometimes the BUN will circulate with the blood flow, leading to blood illness. How to excrete BUN becomes urgent. Medicines for lowering high blood urea nitrogen mainly refer to Chinese herbal medicines.

Chinese herbal medicines are best choice for lowering elevated BUN

Here we introduce a systemic treatment to lower high blood urea nitrogen.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a systemic method for healing kidney disease. It combines western medicines and Chinese medicines. The western medicines are used to stop related symptoms and have a quick effects in treating diseases. The problem of western medicines is it fails to treat the disease from the root. Because of this, Chinese herbal medicines are applied to treat kidney disease fundamentally.

Why Chinese herbal medicines in immunotherapy can treat kidney disease radically?

According to different medical conditions, Chinese herbs are also different. In other words, Chinese herbs are chosen depending on individualized conditions. Then the selected herbs will be micronized in two medicate bags. The mediated bags will be put on the patients’ back where the kidneys are. In this way, damaged kidneys can absorb the active ingredients directly. Injured kidneys is able to absorb some necessary nutrients and get enough blood and oxygen supply from the herbs. Over time, impaired kidneys can get improved greatly. Furthermore, kidney function can be enhanced by a large margin.

Immunotherapy helps not only improve kidney function but also lower down high blood urea nitrogen radically. We hope you know immunotherapy is not a single medicine therapy but a comprehensive remedy to reduce high BUN. Compared with pure medication treatment, its therapeutic effects are much better.

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