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What Does Blood Urea Nitrogen 9 Mean

2014-04-03 09:49

What Does Blood Urea Nitrogen 9 MeanA patient with CKD consults us that he has blood urea nitrogen 9, and what this means. To help him solve the problem, here we will make an explanation in detail.

To begin with, understand urea nitrogen.

Urea nitrogen is a waste in body which is produced when protein is decomposed. Moreover, urea nitrogen is eliminated from body through urine by kidney function. When kidney function declines, urea nitrogen builds up in body, increasing blood urea nitrogen level.

The condition of blood urea nitrogen 9

For healthy people, blood urea nitrogen level ranges from 3.2 to 7. But for patients with kidney disease, due to kidney damage, urea nitrogen deposits in body. Blood urea nitrogen 9 is much higher than normal range, which means that kidney function has something wrong, decreasing on some degree.

Thus, patients with blood urea nitrogen 9 need to gent effective treatment to control disease. If not controlled well, serious development can be caused, even end stage kidney disease appears at last.

Then how to alleviate urea nitrogen 9?

The fundamental cause is kidney function which declines. Thus, patients with blood urea nitrogen 9 should recover kidney function very effectively. Hot compress therapy is a very good option for them, and the below is effects of Hot compress therapy:

1. Prevent kidney inflammation

2. Inhibit blood clotting

3. Repair kidney damage]

4. Recover kidney function

5. Promote blood circulation

With Hot compress therapy, patients with blood urea nitrogen can get very effective results. After getting treated for a long time, they can make kidney function revive. As a consequent, much urea nitrogen can be removed from body through urine, lowering high urea nitrogen level.

Besides, a healthy diet is also needed for patients with urea nitrogen 9. They should have a low protein and low salt diet in daily life. And eating more vitamins benefits them very much.

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