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Herbs to Repair Kidney Damage

2014-03-29 16:39

Herbs to Repair Kidney DamageHerbs have been made use of to treat many diseases in China for over 2000 years. At present, herbs are also used to repair kidney damage, because herbs have many benefits to kidney, like regulating electrolyte disorder, promoting blood circulation, preventing inflammation in kidney, etc. Here we will introduce some most effective herbs for repairing kidney damage, hoping it is helpful for you.

1. Couch grass

Couch grass can have the similar function of diuretics, promoting production of urine. In this way, lots of wastes and toxins can be eliminate from body, helping reduce burdens on kidney. In addition, couch grass contains antibiotic substances, preventing inflammation.

In clinic, herbs are always applied to treating cystitis, prostatitis, nephritis, calculus, urethritis and benign prostatic hypertrophy.

2. Uva Ursi also called bearberry

Bearberry has the property of antibacterial, helping kidney stay away from infection. However, what need to be paid attention to is that when urinary tract infection occur, bearberry can’t be applied to kidney disease.

3. Horsetail

This herb also be used as diuretics, contributing to more urine. Moreover, Horsetail has good effects on decreasing lead level in body and treating rheumatism. Besides, horsetail can regulate metabolism in body to some degree.

Horsetail also can inhibit damage to urethra, bladder and prostate.

4. Parsley

Parsley can be used to alleviate swelling and urinary stone by acting as diuretics. And wastes in body can be eliminated by parsley, such as urea nitrogen, acidic metabolites

5. Nettle

There are lots of nutrients like vitamins and minerals in nettle. Thus, nettle can be beneficial for enhancing immunity. Besides, nettle has the properties of antibacterial and diuretics.

6. Corn silk

Corn silk has rich vitamin K and potassium, and vitamin K can help prevent inflammation in kidney. What is more, corn silk is a perfect natural diuretic.

7. Juniper berries

Juniper berries can help eliminate bacterium in kidney, preventing infection. And it is always used to help treat deposition of wastes and kidney stones.

According to research, it has very good effects on clearing kidney environment.

The above herbs are very effective to repair kidney damage. As herbs derive from natural plants, there are few side effects with herbs. As a consequent, patients with kidney damage are really worth trying these herbs to repair kidney damage.

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