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How to Improve Kidney Qi

2014-03-28 18:15

How to Improve Kidney QiHere we will mostly introduce Chinese medicines for improving kidney Qi. From the view of Chinese medicines’point, Qi and blood is the most important substances which constitute body, and blood is Yin, Qi is Yang. As is known, Yin and Yang are the whole world in traditional Chinese thoughts. Thus, Qi and blood are one, lack of any of both can affect health of body. Qi in Chinese describes that there is a good environment for organs and tissues, so kidney Qi means that kidney have a good condition like enough oxygen and blood, balance of electrolyte, less wastes. Now see how Chinese medicines improve kidney Qi.

Chinese medicines have the property of Yiqiyangsheng which means that blood circulation can be promoted, blood vessels can be expanded and many kinds of nutrients which are essential to kidney can be provided. In this way, kidney can have a very good environment to repair kidney damage and recover kidney function. There are two leading methods in Chinese medicines which can help improve kidney Qi very well:

1. Hot compress therapy

Chinese medicines divided into two bags are compressed in kidney area, then penetrate very effectively into kidney inside with the help of osmosis equipment. Hot compress therapy is very simple to operate without side effects.

2. Bath therapy

Chinese medicines are put into water in bath, and patients just need to soak themselves in a bath. These medicines are very prone to coming into kidney inside in water. After soak for 30-45 minutes, elements in Chinese medicines can almost penetrate into kidney.

With these two therapies, kidney Qi can be improved largely, making a good kidney environment. Thus, kidney are promoted to repair itself, and kidney function can revive gradually. Patients with kidney disease are suggested to improve kidney Qi with Chinese medicines. If you have any question or want to know more, please contact us freely.

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