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How Does ESRD Be Improved By Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

2014-03-04 09:57

How Does ESRD Be Improved By Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyEnd Stage Renal Disease(ESRD), also called kidney failure stage is treated by a great number of oral medicines because of its complicated and bothersome symptoms. They have significance on the treatment, but if used for a long time, many side effects will occur. To avoid this condition, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is offered to end stage renal disease patients? How does end stage renal disease be improved by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Read through the article to find the answer.

Based on Chinese herbs, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is an external application in which the active ingredients of Chinese herbs are crushed into power and the then packed with the special gauze. Before the treatment, medicine packages are soaked with penetrating fluid firstly and then put in the kidney location. By this way, the active ingredients of Chinese herbs can get to the damaged kidney directly through meridians with the help of osmoscope. This therapy works to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function by way of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, providing nutrients and enough oxygen and blood for alleviating renal ischemia and activating damaged but not necrotic cells. After that, the injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired and they can perform function again, which plays a crucial role in improving kidney condition.

Compared with traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are more effective, as the ingredients work on kidney damages directly. As long as the injured kidneys are repaired, the relative symptoms like anemia, vomiting, high creatinine and urea nitrogen level, etc can all be alleviated. Not all end stage renal disease patients can use this therapy. It is researched that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy shows better efficacy on patients who still have some kidney function and urine volume. Thus, if you still have residual kidney function, you have a larger chance to get your kidneys improved, so seize the chance.

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